Denormalize and conquer.

BIEI browser is a free plugin to Kibana allowing you to configure and present all data in your Elastic cluster as a set of high performance user friendly tables. Sorting, filtering, lazy loading and more.

Elastic powered!

We are in love with ElasticSearch and Kibana

and want to make it more powerful. If you're tired of struggling with cumbersome JSON analysis, BIEI Browser helps you to manage complex JSON-encoded data into cool super-table view.

Do you need a fast way to get inside your indexes and see what's inside without configuration pain?

Have you got a lot of indexes and want to group them logically and get complex queries?

Do you want to get your hierarchical JSON data in simple table form and export it to Excel?

More convenience with BIEI

You can make complex queries to Elastic, filter and sort results, save and analyze them in Excel. Switch between indexes, like in your file browser, get all what you need without additional tools, everything in one cool Kibana window.

Simple data navigation

Tabled-form representation of JSON objects

Complex filtering, search terms highlighting

Export selected data to CSV format

Fast immersion, simple as folder browser

Indexes grouping, like documents in folders

Configurable index representation:
column's visibility, title, width

Serendipity effect